Music Industry networking night

Manchester music networking night a roaring success


Tucked away down a dark, narrow alleyway just off a side street in the heart of the Northern Quarter you’ll find a door to a venue called Aatma. Unassuming to anyone on the street during the day, but by night you enter into a thriving hub for local, up and coming musicians with only a chalk board placed on the pavement to announce its existence.

Organised through the Facebook group’ALT-360 presents a networking night‘, word of the  night reached far and wide. The event played host to industry professionals from other bands and technicians to music producers, photographers and journalists. Throughout the night people exchanged business cards and contacts and talked about all things music and Manchester.




The event was organised in order to give local music enthusiasts the chance to network with industry professionals. Local bands could spread their influence by talking with and exchanging contacts with people from all across the industry, from sound technicians and music producers to photographers and journalists. Throughout the night people exchanged business cards and contacts and talked about all things music and Manchester.

Featuring performances from Manchester bands; Corella, Fresco Muy Funky and Akcadamy. Corella, who headlined the evening, were set to release their new single‘See The Day’ music video on 9th December. This being their second single after ‘Waterfall’ which was released earlier this year and are currently working on an as yet untitled EP to be released in February 2017




I worked alongside The Northern Quota’s Jamie Oliver to interview the bands, set up equipment and produce photos and videos. We caught up with Corella after their set

Local up an coming band Corella were set to release a new single on 9th December so organised the night as publicity and in hopes of gaining valuable music industry contacts for the future

Meeting through university halls and luckily bumping into each member who all played different instruments. They encouraged face to face interaction from the beginning, with each gig they played by talking to other bands on the set lists in hope that they’d be asked to support them in the future.




Corella front man, said  that they’d met some really good bands that they’d been doing gigs with adding that talking to them and getting to know them helps you to appreciate the music a lot more compared to just hearing them on ‘Sound cloud’.

Jack their drummer said ‘it’s all about who you know… the more people you meet, the more opportunities you’re going to get’. It’s clear that this was a driving force behind their desire to host a networking evening as it helps out the smaller Manchester band scene

With gigs planned for early next year and more music on the way, the night gave extra exposure to a budding band born in the home British music, Manchester.


The location of the event is shown below:

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